Update: Franklin Co. Deputy Speaks Out After Rescuing Fire Victim

Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton said a woman who was pulled out of a burning house by an off-duty deputy, has been transported to Vanderbilt University Hospital.

Hospital officials said Thursday that Linda Meiseles is listed in critical but stable condition.

According to Melton, she suffered second degree burns all over her body.

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The Sheriff said Meiseles was rescued Wednesday evening by off-duty Deputy Montey Chappell, along with two construction workers.

Chappell said he was almost home when he heard the call.

After arriving at the house fire, Chappell found Meiseles unconscious behind the front door.

Because of the intense smoke, Chappell said he called out for help from two nearby construction workers.

The three men were able to get Meiseles out of the house.

Chappell then began performing chest compressions to get her to start breathing.

The deputy is no stranger to putting his life on the line.

Chappell’s a former Marine and also worked as a Secret Service agent for the White House.

Still, he doesn’t consider himself a hero.

"It’s just part of the job. It’s what you do …It’s what everybody does," said Chappell.

Melton disagrees.

He said, "By all rights he was on his way home. He didn’t have to answer his radio, didn’t have to make that run and he did."