Temperatures Drop, Firewood Sales Climb


As temperatures hold steady below zero, some tree companies said firewood sales have doubled this winter.

Lexington Tree Services said compared to last year, they are selling twice as much firewood this season.

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“We’ve moved a lot more firewood,” Stanley Stinnett, Lexington Tree Services Co-Owner, said.

Stinnett and his brother have been running the family tree business for more than 30 years. He said this winter has been a cold one.

“We’ve got a couple companies that come and get it and take it to various places that burn it for fuel. They generate it into electricity,” Stinnett said.

Kenneth Newton bought his house in Lexington specifically for the wood-burning fireplace.

“And as long as it’s cold, there’s going to be a load of fire in this fireplace,” he said.

Newton said he’s gone through two loads of firewood this year, which is more than usual for him.

While the firewood is in high demand, Stinnett said they will have enough to get through the rest of the winter.

“Last year we didn’t move hardly as much wood, so we’ve got a lot more wood out at our farm where we store most of the logs,” he said.

According to Stinnett, about 20 percent of their total profits come from firewood sales.