Drifting, Sub-Freezing Temperatures Hinder Snow Efforts

Snow Plow
Efforts to clear Lexington roadways were being hampered Tuesday by drifting snow and sub-freezing temperatures as both snow and temperatures continued to fall.

Road conditions were described as “fair.” “They are passable if you use common sense and go slowly,” said Robert Allen, acting deputy director of the Division of Streets and Roads.

Allen said there were substantial drifts, particularly in the rural areas. Crews were treating roadways but sub-freezing temperatures were hindering the effectiveness of the salt and chemicals used to treat the roads.

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“I would suggest people who don’t need to be out, stay at home,” Allen said.

The number of accidents continued to grow throughout the morning with Lexington Police reporting 75 non-injury and 7 injury accidents between 7 a.m. and noon Tuesday.

Conditions on the interstates were declining, particularly on I-75, where northbound I-75 was shut down at the 104 mile marker due to a semi that jack-knifed across all lanes of the interstates. Traffic on northbound I-75 was being diverted at the 107 mile marker at Athens-Boonesboro Road to Richmond Road.

On southbound I-75, traffic was temporarily down to one lane at the 101 mile marker due to an injury accident. All lanes of southbound I-75 were open shortly after noon.