Crafts for a Cause


A new business in Berea is hoping to better the lives of people in other countries. 

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A Villager’s Hand helps artists in developing nations provide for their families by selling their crafts at fair trade prices.

“A lot of times its functional items that just happen to be very artistic for their own use,” said Jo Brosius, founder of A Villager’s Hand.

Many times these crafts are sold in America for 300-400% more than they would be sold for in the developing nations.  A Villager’s Hand also helps create sustainable income and a more stable economy.

“That small amount of money encourages them the mother somewhere in China in Afghanistan, in Peru, in China, in these countries that we are involved to make more products and then send their children to school,” said Murtaza Sharifi, co-found of A Villager’s Hand.

Sharifi and Brosius say they know they can’t change the world, but hope they can help at least one person.

“If you can make a small difference in one person’s life I think that’s a huge different because then that one person can help, can create opportunities for others,” said Sharifi.

“To make them feel like something that they’ve made is beautiful and valuable and someone across the world wants it,” said Brosius.

A Villager’s Hand started summer 2013.  It is an online-only shop so the most amount of money possible can go to the artisans.