Pike County Volunteer Fire House Shutdown By State


A Pike County fire house was shutdown by the state because there weren’t enough firefighters to run it.

The Hatfield Fire Station off of Big Creek Road in Belfry only had three firefighters.

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The Kentucky Fire Commission requires every fire house to have at least 12 firefighters and a chief.

They also cited the Hatfield Fire Station with personnel training and equipment issues.

The Pike County Emergency Management Agency said a response out to that area will now take about 15 minutes.

Staff said they are working to recruit more volunteers so the station can open again.

"I know daytime is the hardest to get volunteers because people are out working,” said Doug Tackett, Pike County EMA Director. “That’s when we have the most shortage of volunteers.”

Tackett said they will meet on January 6 at the fire station at 6 p.m. to start the recruiting process.