Tornado Tosses Barn in Bourbon County


The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado touched down in north Bourbon County Saturday.

The path of destruction ripped down trees and picked up one family’s barn, scattering it across the yard.

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“It came up our property line beside the driveway and came back this way and took the barn, it was in its path obviously, and then it went on around and then hit our neighbors tobacco barn and then shot down to the other neighbors tree line because she has several big trees down,” said Andrea Terry, who lives at 201 Endicott Lane.

The tornado picked up their barn which was about 50 yards from their home.  Fortunately, the home only lost about six feet worth of shingles on the roof.

“It was too close for comfort in my book,” said Terry.

The National Weather Service said it was an EF 1 tornado with 90-95 mph winds.

The Terry’s hid in the bathroom while the storm passed. They’re lucky and thankful.

“I’m just lucky it was just an EF 1,” said Terry.  “It could have been a whole lot worse.  I hate to see what something else would have done. I mean we probably wouldn’t have anything left.”