Kentucky Ranks Near Bottom On Nationwide Health Report

america's health rankings united
The United Health Foundation released it’s annual "America’s Health Rankings" report, and the news isn’t good for Kentucky.

In this year’s report, Kentucky dropped from last year’s spot in 44th place, down to 45th.

UHF claims that American’s as a whole made considerable progress in overall health, including smoking and physical inactivity, but maintaining the momentum of these improvements is key.

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The report found that Kentucky has a few health strengths, including a low violent crime rate (ranked 8th nationally), low prevalence of binge drinking (ranked 12th) and low prevalence of infectious disease like chlamydia, pertussis, and salmonella (ranked 10th).

Where Kentucky is lacking, according to UHF, is in our high number of smokers (ranked 50th with 28.3% of adults in the state smoking), cancer deaths (ranked 50th), poor daily physical health practices (ranked 50th), preventable hospitalizations (ranked 49th) and poor daily mental health practices (ranked 49th).

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