Lexington New Year’s Eve Party Plan Sparks Protest

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A social media uprising began after people found out a man who used to run a revenge porn site was scheduled to come to town.

Hunter Moore used to run a web site called isanyoneup.com, where people could anonymously submit naked pictures of their ex’s. 

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Moore would post the picture of the guy, or gir’s name and location. 

Moore is selling tickets for a New Year’s Eve party at Art Bar in Chevy Chase.  Tickets start at $15.

"I was really angry," said Deric Lostutter, who is helping to raise awareness about the protest.

The hacktivist group Anonymous previously targeted Moore.  Lostutter is a member of Anonymous.  He doesn’t want Moore coming into his own backyard.

"I personally have a friend who was submitted to his site, and her life was pretty much ruined for a while," said Lostutter.

He is helping to plan a protest at Art Bar on New Year’s Eve.

"We’re going to probably, hopefully, obstruct their business, and basically show them that Hunter Moore is not welcome in Lexington," said Lostutter.

A Facebook page titled "No More Moore In Lexington" started just a few days ago, and already has more than 2,000 likes.

"It’s really picking up steam," said Lostutter.

The Facebook page says it plans to protest because, "It is unacceptable to us that a business would choose to book a performer who’s only claim to fame is his notoriety as a ‘Life-ruiner."

Here is a statement we just got from Art Bar:

‘Art Bar is a venue that works with event promotions companies who rent out the venue and book shows, artists, bands, touring DJs, etc. Art Bar does not book any of the performers. Previous management that is no longer with Art Bar signed the contract for the NYE venue rental, however with that being said Art Bar is still in a legally binding contract for the NYE venue rental."

We e-mailed Hunter Moore, and have not yet heard back from him.