Faces Of Lung Cancer Portraits Revealed

It’s the number one most lethal cancer in the country, and in Kentucky, lung cancer is higher than the national average by 46-percent.

On Monday at the Markey-Cancer Center, visitors came face-to-face with survivors of the deadly disease.
A photo exhibit called "Faces of Lung Cancer" featured portraits and inspirational messages from nine Kentucky survivors of lung cancer.

The survivors themselves were at the event, many of them meeting each other for the first time, and sharing their experience battling the disease.

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The Director of Kentucky Cancer Deborah Armstrong says,
"it’s very important for us to get information out to try and reduce our lung cancer mortality and incidence rates… and the best way to do that is through survivors who carry the message about what it’s like to be a lung cancer survivor."

The exhibit will be in the combs building for a week… then it will travel across the state in various exhibits over the next.