KSU Students Sell Shirts To Make Schools Safe

A group of students at Kentucky State University are starting a t-shirt drive with the hopes of raising money for school security.

"Never Excuses Rational Decisions" or N.E.R.D. was founded two years ago by three KSU students who were looking to create a mentor program to help kids achieve their goals no matter their level of education.

Co-founder Arthur Williams Jr.  says the groups has expanded world-wide, with chapters in 26 states and 10 countries.

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Williams says they came up with the idea for the shirt drive after seeing the latest acts of violence in schools across the country.

He says N.E.R.D. wants to help schools become safer so kids can focus more on getting a good education and less about their safety at school.

Williams say they’re in the process of distributing the shirts to their national chapters.

He expects to setup the grant by the start of 2014, with the hope that schools across the country can start applying for the grant right away.

If you would like to know more about N.E.R.D. or how to purchase one of the shirts, click on the link below:


or you can call: (502)-682-9548

or email at: nerdmovement@gmail.com

(Shirts are $13.00 plus shipping and handling.)