Full Interview With Dr. Daniel Man

Why did your procedure work so well for him?
Dr. Man: This is very special innovative laser suction and suture suspension 
procedure I have developed for men with enlarged breasts. This special 
procedure allows patients to get rid of the gynecomastia; That excess breast 
tissue will be gone without leaving  a deformity of men's boobs and without 
extensive  scars !. So the embarrassment of having breast tissue is resolved 
and men don't have the residual irregularity left with the current standard 
techniques that causes these patients to be left with scars.

And he looks like he went from a C cup to a regular chest and you developed a 
way to suspend it so the skin doesn't hang?
Dr. Man: There are several advantages to this technique. One is that they don't
 have residual breast tissue. The second is that the nipple areola is now in a 
higher position. Having the nipple areola go higher is what we have when we're 
younger. As we age, the nipple areola drift lower, especially with the added 
breast tissue it makes it look worse. What we do is remove the breast tissue 
but also lift the entire skin in to a higher position and they look again 

What causes gynecomastia?
Dr. Man: Gynecomastia is caused by overweight and estrogen irregularities. So 
far the surgical procedure is the only way that we can really effectively treat
 it and make the patients happy.

How common is gynecomastia, is it becoming more common?
Dr. Man: Well I've seen about ten percent increases in our patients just in the
 last year. Statistics show that after age of 35, about 50 percent of men have 
some kind of increase of breast tissue. In younger adults, the statistics is 
even worse.

So how many doctors across the country are preforming your procedure?
Dr. Man: I know of about twenty doctors that have learned about it directly 
from me. And they're using it and it works well for them. The other current 
methods that are being used involve cutting and suturing, and they're free of 
scars. This is more elegant.

Does pot smoking cause bigger breasts?
Dr. Man: It could, yes. Drugs, as well as amphetamines, increase weight, 
especially steroids; these turn in the liver to estrogen. Other medications 
sometimes can also cause this disease as well.

Would you say this is an epidemic?
Dr. Man: Breast tissue in men is an epidemic. I have seen so many men coming in
 with the same problem, increased breast size and deformity and they can't go 
on the beach or the swimming pool, it's terrible. Thirty to forty percent of 
these men develop some kind of a breast tissue. That is considered an epidemic.

What do you think is causing it?
Dr. Man: Well we think that it has to do with being overweight and estrogen. 
Sometimes taking some medications, drugs can do it, testosterone and steroids; 
they all could be associated with it.

How could someone get in touch with you if they have seen this across the 
country and they want to have it done?
Dr. Man: I would like to help men in many places. I would like them to give us 
a call if they don't find a surgeon who can do this procedure without leaving 
scars on them, and I would be glad to either teach this to other surgeons or if
 nothing is being helped and they can't find somebody please call us. We'll 
make arrangements for you to have a solution right here in our fully accredited
 facility by me Dr. Man who is a board certified plastic surgeon.

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