New Kentucky Homeless Numbers Announced

Homeless Shelters
Kentucky Housing Corporation has released the numbers from their 2013 count of homeless Kentuckians outside Fayette and Jefferson counties.

The results say there are 2,392 homeless men, women, and children in the 118-county area.

This is a decrease from the 2008 number of 4,027.

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The smaller number may be a result of an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act program called Kentucky’s Housing and Emergency Assistance Reaching The Homeless. 

The study says in the three years the program has existed, 21,473 people have been helped with homelessness prevention or homeless assistance and 82% moved into permanent housing.

The U.S. Department for Housing and Urban Development is required to count the number of homeless people in America every year in order to assess funding for programs that provide services to them, but the state conducts a count every year to better understand causes and trends.

You can see Kentucky’s full numbers here.