A Family Reunited


In 1998, Sifa Ndusha and her sister, Marie, became victims of tribal conflict in the Congo.

Masked militia men invaded their home, raped them and killed their mother.

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They fled and found safety as refugees but lost contact with their father and 10 of their siblings.

Now in Lexington, Sifa and Marie contacted the Red Cross to find their lost family members.

The Red Cross partners with the International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent organizations to help U.S. families locate missing relatives around the world.

“We are living. We have a very good life here,” Sifa said. “But when we think about others we left behind it’s very, very, very painful.”

It took nearly a year of searching, but the Red Cross was able to find their father and deliver letters they had written to him.

Sifa and Marie recently received letters back from their father and even got to speak with him on the phone.

They said they hope their father will soon be able to move here and live with them in Kentucky.

“I don’t know how we can say thanks to the Red Cross,” said Marie. “This means so many things to me.”