Rainfall Helps Extinguish Wildfires

rowan county fire out
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The scene near Morehead is very different from one week ago where a wildfire burned up 75 acres.  Now, you don’t see any signs of smoke, or fire, and that’s because of the recent rainfall.

The U.S. Forest Service says the fire is contained.  Last week smoke billowed out over the tree tops.  Firefighters worked very hard to get the fire under control, but:

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"What really helped tremendously was the amount of moisture that we got.  The rainfall and snowfall over the last few days has really helped," said Evelyn Morgan, U.S. Forest Service.

Morgan says last week four wildfires burned nearly 300 acres.  Currently, the state reporters only one small fire burning in Western Kentucky.  It appears the fire in Rowan County is out, but the Forest Service will not designate it controlled for a few more days.

"We need to be able to get our firefighters in there to make sure there’s nothing smoldering, or smoking near that containment line," said Morgan. 

While it feels like Winter, the Fall fire season is not over.

"Within a day, or two of the rain stopping we can have a fire start here on the Daniel Boone National Forest," said Morgan. 

She urges campers to use caution.