Lexington Church Counters Atheist Billboard

We told you Monday about a billboard that questions the existence of God.

The billboard is up along New Circle Road near Nicholasville Road.

It says if you don’t you should, "join the club."

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Now a Lexington church has responded.

The Lafayette Church of the Nazarene now has a sign that says "We Believe in God. Join the right club."

The Church’s Pastor says he wasn’t offended by the billboard, but others might have been.

Pastor Jared Henry says, "Yeah, probably God. He was probably offended by it. There are other people who, I’m sure, were offended. I think it was kind of a…the Bible says, Proverbs says a fool says in his heart there is no God."

The church is considering bumper stickers with its ‘Join The Right Club’ message.