Reports: Day Care Involved In Van Crash Had Other Issues

        A day care van crash in Louisville killed one adult and sent 14 children to the hospital when it crashed into a tree last week.

        As our sister station in Louisville found out, this wasn’t the first time there were transportation issues. Here’s what they found:

        -On the day of the accident there were 14 children in the van, but the law says only 13 can be transported and one time. 

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        -The state investigated claims that van drivers drove too fast and that children weren’t wearing seat belts. Those claims couldn’t be substantiated, but records show the same van involved in the fatal crash was driven into a utility pole in April.

        -The driver of the van at the time of the most recent accident, Keisha Tiller, was charged with driving without a licence in 2009 and speeding through a school zone in 2010.

        -Day care van drivers are required to have a valid license for at least five years, but a form submitted to the state shows only one of the four drivers scheduled for the center in July of 2010 met that requirement.