Update: Meth Arrest Inside Walmart

Update: Meth Arrest Inside Walmart

Meth Arrest Made Inside A Nicholasville Walmart
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Right before one of the busiest shopping days of the whole year, the Nicholasville Police say they found a man cooking Meth inside a Walmart bathroom.

At about 8:30 AM Wednesday, Walmart employees called police and asked them to check on an incoherent man who had been in the bathroom a long time.  When police arrived they say they found James Prater passed out, holding Meth, and making it,"

"When they searched his backpack that he had with him they saw what appeared to be a mobile Meth lab actively cooking in his backpack, which obviously was a potentially volatile situation," said Sgt. Scott Harvey, Nicholasville Police.

Police evacuated the store, and shut it down for two hours while detectives cleaned up the Meth lab.  Customers were shocked, in disbelief, and also inconvenienced.

"Waiting in line, and everybody was told to leave the facility, leave the building, so I had to leave my cart and everything else," said one shopper.

Police say Prater was using the "One pot" method," which usually stays self-contained, but it's still a safety threat. 

"These small one cook, one method lab are dangerous, if vapors escape from them, but it's pretty small, but it's just one of those things if one person gets affected, then it's too many," said Sgt. Harvey. 

Police say they don't know much about Prater's Past, and if he had cooked inside the Walmart before.   The police charged Prater with manufacturing Meth, possessing Meth, and possessing drug paraphernalia.
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