Robic A Better Coach Than Cal?

Robic A Better Coach Than Cal?

While it may have been in jest, Cal admits Robic a solid coach to take his place after getting tossed vs. South Carolina.
So much for South Carolina being an easy bounce back game for the Cats following the second overtime loss to Arkansas of the season.

At one point, the lowly Gamecocks led UK by 16 points in the second half.

Kentucky shot just 27 percent on the night in the 72-67 loss, but almost had the win after Coach Cal got ejected with roughly the last quarter of the game left to play.

That's when assistant John Robic took over, made necessary adjustments and got the Cats to respond.  Even scoring 6 points in 8 seconds in the closing moments of the game before eventually falling by five.

Hear Cal's take in the video during a back-and-forth with the Herald-Leader's Jerry Tipton on the guys playing harder for Coach Robic at USC.

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