Police: Graphic Evidence Found At The Home Of Jailed 76-Year-Old Twins

Police: Graphic Evidence Found At The Home Of Jailed 76-Year-Old Twins

On August 12th, police executed a search warrant at Jack and Jerry Cassidy's home. They were arrested for having child porn, but police are looking into charging them with more.
Police say they're looking into pressing more charges against 76-year-old twin brothers Jack and Jerry Cassidy. 

Currently, they're each charged with one county of having child porn.

The Lexington fire department was first called to their home the night of August 11th. 

The firefighters said what they saw made them call police.  What an officer said he saw turned into police executing a search warrant at 2:30 in the morning.

When the first police officer came into the Cassidy's home, he said Jack Cassidy gave him permission to look around.

The officer reported he saw about 70 pictures of child porn.  The officer ended the search after making this discover described in court documents:

"There were several images of young boys tied up and another image showing an adult male and a young boy 'hog tied" and kissing each other.  There were other images that showed the Cassidy's tied up by young boys and tied up naked," This quote was used in paperwork to get a search warrant. 

When police searched the home, here's just some of the evidence police say they found of child porn and more: A box of 8 mm film, VHS tapes, floppy discs, digital memory cards, two books with logs of sexual abuse, a poem book about each child, papers with children's names and birth dates, and some evidence too graphic to report. 

Nobody we talked with in the area knew the Cassidy's well.  Multiple neighbors said they never saw any kids at the Cassidy's home.

"It's scary, it's really, so I'm glad I don't have grandchildren in the community.  I'm glad that I didn't raise children here," said Martha Murray, who lives two blocks from the Cassidy's.

One neighbor said they would often see the Cassidy's get into their hot tub together naked.

The Cassidy's are due back in court Wednesday morning for a preliminary hearing.  They're currently in the Fayette County jail, but could get out on a $10,000 bond; however, if somebody bailed them out, a judge ordered they cannot have any contact with reported victims.

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