Neighborhood: Not Greyhound Friendly

Neighborhood: Not Greyhound Friendly

People in the Elkhorn neighborhood in Lexington don't want a Greyhound bus station. They said it would be an intrusion to the neighborhood.
The Greyhound bus station in Lexington wants to join the Elkhorn Park neighborhood.

But some people who live there said no way.

And now they are fighting the proposed relocation.

People who live in Elkhorn Park received a letter last week, which said, "The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Board of Adjustment would like to inform you of an appeal which may be of interest to you, involving a property in your neighborhood."

According to the proposal, the Greyhound bus station on West New Circle road would be relocated to North Broadway, right behind many people's yards in Elkhorn Park.

Many neighbors said they are prepared to fight to keep it from happening.

"I don't want it, I'm against it," said Coleman Shannon, Elkhorn Park resident.

"My first reaction when I found out about this was anger that something was being pushed upon us," said Bonnie Steele, Elkhorn Park resident.

"I think it's a real intrusion into our home," said Linda Vanorio, Elkhorn Park resident.

In the application letter for the relocation of the bus station, it said that there would be approximately nine buses and six people who would get on or off each bus - So that's approximately 45 customers per day.

Greyhound's spokesperson, Lanesha Gipson, said the new location at North Broadway would provide better access opportunities for Greyhound to reach the Interstates.

And she also the location on North Broadway would be a better environment for the customers.

"We pride ourselves in creating a stellar traveling experience for our customers from the time they park to the time they get at their destination. We want to provide a more comfortable, better location - better conditions than our current," said Gipson.

A public meeting will be held August 22nd: 1:30 p.m., Lexington-Fayette Government Building.

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