Man With Sign Stirring Debate in Lexington Neighborhood

Man With Sign Stirring Debate in Lexington Neighborhood

A man is turning heads and stirring debate, and he's doing it all for his neighborhood.
Here’s been standing on the side of the road for a little less than a week trying to call his neighborhood to attention.

Mike Ross, a neighbor of the Gleneagles community in Lexington, has been holding a sign at the entrance to the community, all to voice his opinion on the neighborhood’s chance to purchase a piece of land.

The neighborhood homeowners association says they have the opportunity to buy a field in the middle of their neighborhood. A purchase, the board believes, will enhance the neighborhood.

The field is currently owned by Kentucky Utilities, the homeowners association said. They believe the seven acres of undeveloped green space should belong to the neighborhood.

But, the cost involved in the purchase has some home owner’s confused and questioning how much of an increase they will see to their assessments.

Whether you agree or disagree, Ross, along with other neighbors say it's important to be a part of the decision making process.

The home owner's meeting is on Tuesday. The board of directors told ABC 36 that they’ve prepared a presentation with many more details and will be on-hand to answer any questions.

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