Lexington Smashes August 10th Rainfall Record

Lexington Smashes August 10th Rainfall Record

In just a few hours Sunday morning, Lexington's Blue Grass Airport more than doubled the record daily rainfall for the date.
SUNDAY 8PM UPDATE:  Sunday rainfall at the Blue Grass Airport in Lexington has reached 5.36" (since 8pm), which is the 4th highest rainfall total in a day on record.  The highest daily rainfall on record for Lexington is 8.04" of rain, which fell on August 2nd, 1932.  6.41" of rain has fallen as the Blue Grass Airport since Friday, August 8th.
In just one hour Sunday morning, Lexington received more rain than the previous 24 hour record rainfall for August 10th.

The old record rainfall for the date was 1.97 inches set in 1995.

As of noon on Sunday, Lexington's Blue Grass Airport has recorded 4.09 inches of rain, more than doubling the old record.

In the just the two hour period between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. Sunday, 3.75 inches of the rain fell.

Surprisingly, no major flash flooding was reported during the heavy rain Sunday morning.

If we see more rain later today, we could break into the top 10 wettest days ever recorded in Lexington on any date!

The tenth wettest day on record for the airport is currently 4.26 inches, and if we see any more rain this afternoon, we could easily top that number.

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