How Will KY Schools Make Up Snow Days?

How Will KY Schools Make Up Snow Days?

School districts like Bath County will have to extend their school year until the end of May, and maybe further.
School districts in eastern Kentucky called off school again on Monday.

Districts like Bath County say they've already canceled school 11 days this year, and may have to cancel more if freezing temperatures continue.

Superintendent Harvey Tackett says about 90% of the students in the Bath County district live in rural areas on roads that are not plowed or treated for ice. He says it would be a safety issue if school buses tried to drive down some of those icy roads.

The Kentucky Board of Education says each district allocates a set amount of days that can be used for snow days. They say each district must complete at least 177 six-hour school days. If a district goes over their set amount of institute days then they have to make up the days at the end of the year.

Tackett says his district has already used up all their days for this year, and is planning on extending the school year until the end of May. He adds that if they have to keep canceling school, they may have to go into June.
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