Franklin County Deputy Clerk Behind Bars

Franklin County Deputy Clerk Behind Bars

Franklin County's deputy clerk is in jail for drug indictments but the story is bigger.
Franklin County's deputy clerk William McGaughey faces drug charges but the story goes beyond that.

The sheriff's office said a search of McGaughey's home turned up pot, suspected cocaine residue and tools related to those drugs.

McGaughey was arrested at the clerk's office Wednesday and taken to the detention center. But there's more to the story.

The Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney said investigators were looking into McGaughey's neighbor and found a document that included information about unmarked police cars, and the officers assigned to them. The Commonwealth's Attorney's office tells ABC 36 News, as part of the neighbor's plea deal he said the confidential information came from McGaughey.  McGaughey has only been charged with the drug crimes, not the reported document leak. That's still being investigated.

The Commonwealth's Attorney's office said it will seek a warrant to search McGaughey's work computer.
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