Ex-Wife Shares Story About London's Former Police Chief

Ex-Wife Shares Story About London's Former Police Chief

Stewart Walker's ex-wife says she lives in fear of Walker.
London's Mayor says when things settle down, he will look for a new Police Chief.  Former Chief Stewart Walker resigned Friday.  A woman accused him of stalking and terrorizing her.  It's not the first time he has been accused of this behavior. 

When Stewart Walker's ex-wife found out he resigned, she said she had tears in her eyes, but she also said she's scared. 

After Stewart Walker's name appeared in the news, we heard from his ex-wife.  Stacey SeCheverell says she lives in fear. 

"There's blankets on all my windows.  There's 3 layers, because I'm so afraid he's looking in the windows," said SeCheverell. 

She now lives 5-hours from London. 

She says her and Walker started dating in 1999, married in 2008, and divorced in 2011. 

"He would be charming and very sweet and then all of a sudden he was very mean, very volatile, he would get angry over nothing, and just start throwing things at me," said SeCheverell. 

Not involving any accusations from SeCheverell, about two weeks ago a Madison County Family Court judge gave a Berea woman an Emergency Protective Order (EPO) against Walker. 

In the EPO, the woman wrote Walker had been violent with her in the past.  She wrote Walker stalked and terrorized her. 

On Friday, May 9th, Walker resigned.

"I just never dreamed it would end like this.  I thought he would finish his career and retire," said London's Mayor Troy Rudder.

Rudder named Walker Chief in 2010.  He says until recently he never heard complaints about Walker for stalking, or harassing women. 

His ex-wife says she was too afraid to come forward with her own reports.

"Did I say anything about it?  No.  I was scared to death of him.  Why would I say anything?  Again, the question why did I stay so long?  It was easier than looking over my shoulder 24-7," said SeCheverell. 

We spoke with Stewart Walker's attorneys.  Following those discussions, they provided this statement:

"Stewart Walker denies the allegations in the petition for Emergency Protective Order filled (sic) by [the complainant].  Her allegations are false.  All legal remedies against her and her mother are being explored," wrote Jane Dyche, Walker's Attorney. 
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