Customers: Reaction To Somerset's New Gas Station

Customers: Reaction To Somerset's New Gas Station

Gas prices slightly dropped in Somerset, after the city's gas station opened for business on Saturday. Customers filling up at the new gas station said they would rather give their money to the city.
After years of fighting for lower gas prices, the people of Somerset finally got what they asked for.

A city-operated gas station is now serving customers.

The official opening was Saturday.

And the city-operated gas station isn't the only place seeing lower gas prices.

"They forced other gas stations down so the prices are almost the same," said Dwayne Johnson, customer.

Johnson still chose to pay $3.36 a gallon at the city's gas station.

"I'd rather come up here and give my money to the city then the ones who have been gouging us for years," said Johnson.

Jeremy Deprito, a general attendant at the station said if people try to play 'price wars' it could have a negative impact on the city's gas station.

"If that happens, there's a chance we might have to shut it down, and then it will go back  to where it was like the last 20 years," said Deprito.

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