Black Friday Forecast

Black Friday Forecast

Looks for temperatures to fall through the day with clouds, wind and a few scattered showers.
If you're up early and out the door to grab a few late minute Black Friday deals, you'll see clouds and perhaps a few isolated showers.  Though temps to start should be in the upper 40s and low 50s, I'm forecasting temperatures to tumble through the afternoon with the passage of a cold front.

By about lunchtime, temps should dip into the upper 40s with low to mid 40s by 5pm.  Be on the look out for a few scattered showers during the day.  I might suggest having an umbrella on standby by just so you don't get caught off guard by stray showers overhead.

This weekend is going to be cold! Expect temps only in the upper 30s and low 40s Saturday with sunshine, while Sunday temps warm a little more...into the mid to upper 40s by the afternoon under partly cloudy skies.

Join Chief Meteorologist Jennifer Schack tonight at 11pm for more on your weekend ahead.

Black Friday Shoppers: Lool for clouds/shwrs in the Blue Grass btw 8am - 11am. More at 5am on @ABC36Lexington.
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