Bath County School Board Reverses Cuts Without Explanation

Bath County School Board Reverses Cuts Without Explanation

In February, the Bath County School Board gave the Superintendent a raise. This week, the School Board cut more than $50,000 from teachers. Thursday night, the Board reverses the cuts, but wouldn't explain what happened.
Some Bath County School Board Members voted to raise its Superintendent's salary, and then they voted to cut $50,000 from teachers.  Sandy Crouch was not at the February meeting so she was not able to vote. But she says that she would have voted against the raise.

Thursday night, they voted to reverse the cuts. 

Before the meeting began our microphone picked up Superintendent Harvey Tackett say, "This is the earliest I'll get home this week." 

After the board unanimously voted to reverse the cuts they had made days earlier, the meeting ended, and everybody left. 

The entire meeting, called Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. lasted maybe 30 seconds.

Tackett wouldn't explain to us what happened and why.  A parent tried to speak with him, and he continued to walk out the door. 

The mother, Amy Jones, said Tackett should be ashamed of himself.  Jones praised the Bath County teachers.

"I'm very proud of my momma.  I think she put everything that needed to be said out there for everyone else," said Kaitlin Jones, a Bath County High School junior.

Tackett just received a $9,000 raise.  Thursday afternoon, he wouldn't explain why he got a raise while the School Board made thousands more in cuts.

Multiple times he asked ABC 36's Melanie Kendall to stop recording.  He also said he didn't want him saying "Cut the camera off," to appear on TV. 

Tackett eventually took our microphone off his jacket, and walked out of the interview.

Students say it has been a tough week.

"You could tell the teachers were kind of down," said Kaitlin Jones.

The teachers were talked to were pleased with Thursday night's outcome by having the stipends restored.

"Pretty happy that I feel justice was done," said Jennifer Burke, a Bath County teacher.

The longest serving Bath County School Board member said she had never experienced anything like this. 
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