Getting Ready For A Wintry Weekend Blast

Getting Ready For A Wintry Weekend Blast

A wintry blast will be here this weekend, with arctic air driving temps into the teens. Another batch of light snow will precede it all.
Thursday, February 9, 2012: Preparing For The Arctic Blast This Weekend

Good Thursday morning, everybody.  On the heels of yesterday morning's snow, some leftover low-level moisture is causing some stubborn clouds to stick around this morning.  They are pretty persistent, but they should begin to clear out, at least to some degree, around midday and early this afternoon, revealing a partly sunny sky.  Highs will be near 40°, which is actually 4° below average (as our normals have already climbed to 44° for Feb. 9th).

It is going to be downright FRIGID this weekend.

Courtesy: ABC / Sam Champion, via Twitter (@SamChampion)

Okay, we won't be seeing scenes like that, recently taken along the shore of the Adriatic Sea, according to Sam.  Much of Europe has been dealing with UNUSUALLY COLD weather, even for the dead of winter.

We WILL be dealing with temperatures 10°-15° below normal, this weekend, though. 

Before the really cold air arrives, a cold front will produce a widespread batch of light precipitation on Friday evening into Friday night and Saturday morning.  Most of this will fall in the form of snow, but mid to late afternoon temperatures will be close to 40° just before the precipitation arrives.  Some cooling will occur with the initial band of light precipitation, but there will still likely be some rain mixed with the snow showers, at least in the southern half of Kentucky.

Courtesy: Penn State Univ. Dept. of Meteorology

The precipitation will become more widespread in the late afternoon and evening.  As temperatures fall, even Kentucky's southernmost counties should see a changeover from a rain / snow mix to 100% snow.  Look for accumulating snow to fall on Friday evening and Friday night, before tapering to off-and-on snow showers and eventually flurries on Saturday.

In general, this looks like central Kentucky's snowfall will compare pretty similar to what we had on Wednesday morning, in terms of the overall amount of snow.  A dusting to an inch is a pretty decent forecast for most of us near and west of I-75.  However, in contrast to Wednesday morning's event when the roads stayed wet in most cases, falling temperatures will probably lead to more problems on area roadways on Friday evening and night. 

Meanwhile, areas east of I-75 will probably receive a bit more snow than last time.  An inch or two is pretty likely across the hills of eastern Kentucky, with two to three inches pretty likely in the highest elevations, about 2,000' by Saturday afternoon.

Here is a look at this morning's GFS forecast for snowfall.


And the WRF...


Saturday's high will only be in the upper 20s in many spots, with two nights in the teens: Saturday night and again Sunday night.

Bundle up - it's coming!


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