Fog Dissipating, Scattered T-Storms East... Then Hot

Fog Dissipating, Scattered T-Storms East... Then Hot

Patchy dense fog is dissipating this morning, revealing partly sunny skies. Spotty t-storms will develop later today, then we'll turn hot.
Wednesday, May 23, 2012: Patchy Fog Departing, Spotty T-Storms, and The Big Heat Arrives for Holiday Weekend

Good Wednesday morning, folks!  Some of you had a foggy start to the day, with visibilities near zero early this morning in some valleys of southern Kentucky.  Dense Fog Advisories have expired at 9 AM, and things are improving, but there are still a few visibility issues in some of our southern locations.

Here is a look at the visibility at 9 AM, reported in miles.  You'll notice that London is still reporting only 2 miles of visibility.

Courtesy: Plymouth State University

Skies will be partly sunny through most of the day, and very similar to the past few days, we'll see some spotty thunderstorms in some areas.  The slowly-departing low pressure system is still exiting to the east, so the most likely areas to receive a shower or thunderstorm will be east of I-75, although an isolated thunderstorm or two will still be possible as far west as the Lexington / Blue Grass area.

Here is the latest GFS forecast for precipitation today.  The overall coverage is likely overdone, but the farther east you go, the more likely some showers and thunderstorms will be.

Courtesy: Penn State Univ. Dept. of Meteorology

As low pressure continues to drift away to the east, rain chances will continue to fall over the next few days as temperatures rise.  Our first taste of the 90s will be here this weekend, since last September. 

We'll peak around 79° today, 85° tomorrow, and 89° on Friday.  Take a look at Saturday!

Sunday will be even hotter, with highs near 92°, and Memorial Day will still be very warm with highs within a degree or so of 90°.

The unofficial start to summer will make swimming pools and area lakes extremely popular.

Thanks for stopping by the weather blog, folks!  Have a great day.


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