Warm & Humid w/Iso. Shower - Monday

Warm & Humid w/Iso. Shower - Monday

We're partly sunny with lots of heat and humidity this afternoon. A few isolated showers are also possible...mainly in south-central & eastern Kentucky!
Afternoon Update:

We're partly sunny and warm with highs in the upper 80's; however, when you factor in the humidity outside, it will feel closer to 90°F+. A few isolated showers and isolated storms are possible...mainly in eastern and south-central Kentucky through the afternoon.


Happy Monday; July 21, 2014!

**THICK FOG is what you'll run into this morning!**

Take your time getting to and from this morning given the heavy fog we're seeing in the Bluegrass region. That fog should start to burn off between 9:00am - 10:00am; however, in the meantime, remember it's best to drive with your Low Beams on to pierce through the fog this morning. Otherwise, by lunch time, look for more sunshine with temps on your lunch break in the low 80's. We're climb into the upper 80's nearing 90°F later this afternoon with lots of humidity. A few isolated showers are possible mainly afternoon Noon; however, I think most of us stay nice and dry. We're drop into the upper 60's overnight. 

90°F + heat is on the way by Tuesday & Wednesday!

See you on ABC 36 Good Morning Kentucky & online at: www.Facebook.com/Michael.Estime for more on our warm up!
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