Slight Drop In Temperatures For Columbus Day

Slight Drop In Temperatures For Columbus Day

After a cold front moved through Kentucky Sunday, we will be a few degrees cooler on Columbus Day with most areas staying dry.
Midnight Update: The isolated rain showers have come to an end and we will stay dry into our Monday morning commute. Some valleys could see some fog develop by morning, but otherwise, weather shouldn't get in the way of your drive into work or school.

Temperatures have fallen into the into the upper 50s and low to mid 60s. As of midnight, Lexington is at 61° with Frankfort sitting at 58°. Most cities will start the day near 50°.

Meteorologist Michael Estime will update you on your Columbus Day forecast and the details on our next cold front starting at 5 a.m. on Good Morning Kentucky.

We will continue to see a few isolated rain showers early tonight, but all areas should be dry by midnight. We will stay dry into our Monday morning commute as temperatures drop to near 50°.

Expect mostly sunny skies on your Columbus Day afternoon in central Kentucky. A few more clouds will develop in southern and eastern Kentucky with a few scattered rain showers. Cities like Lexington that see more sunshine will be able to climb into the mid 70s.

We will stay in the mid 70s Tuesday with the possibility of a few scattered showers across the region.

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