Round 2 Of Winter Weather Arrives Early Sunday

Round 2 Of Winter Weather Arrives Early Sunday

Everything from snow to rain will push through Kentucky early Sunday and could make for a few slippery roadways to start the day.
Winter Weather Advisories will be in effect through the early morning hours of Sunday and continue in some areas into Sunday afternoon.

Midnight Update: The wintry mix has started to move into Kentucky. Central Kentucky is seeing some spotty snow showers while southern Kentucky is dealing with some wintry mix, likely snow mixed with sleet. The activity will continue to pick up in the early morning hours of Sunday. Slippery roads are still expected in the morning.

Temperatures remain cold enough for the frozen precipitation to stick to grass and roads for now. Central Kentucky is mainly in the mid and upper 20s with southern Kentucky just below freezing.

Snow and sleet will begin to push into southern Kentucky from the south after midnight. The snow will continue to push north through Kentucky during the early hours of Sunday. The snow will be followed by sleet, and freezing rain. By morning, temperatures will fall into the low 20s.

Accumulations of snow, sleet, and ice will stay under one inch for most areas. The main concern is for some slippery roads Sunday morning as many people head to church and other activities.

The wintry weather will be followed by warmer air, transitioning the mix into rain by early Sunday afternoon in Lexington. Southern counties will switch to rain earlier in the morning. Highs will be in the mid 30s in central Kentucky with slightly warmer air for our southern counties.

More rain will arrive Sunday night with heavier rain possible in SE Kentucky.
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