'Will To Win' The Difference Maker

'Will To Win' The Difference Maker

Cal's liked all of his teams in Lexington, but needs this bunch to keep their heads up.
Coach Cal has said every season he's been in Lexington he likes his team.

This year is no different.

Cal likes this bunch.  He likes their potential.  He likes their ability.  But too often, they don't play up to their highest level.

Against Mizzou on Saturday, the Cats struggled early and gave up a nice lead late in regulation.

But Cal's Cats mustered up the will to win...another one of coach's favorite phrases.

That will was the difference in the 90-83 overtime victory...

Problem is, that difference needs to become the norm.

Part of what Cal said to his guys after the game.  Hear from Cal in the video.

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