Who Fishes With Cal?

Who Fishes With Cal?

Life at Kentucky is scrutinizing, but how much worse will it get with Noel out?
This year's team is learning what it's like to play at Kentucky.

With watchful eyes, the Commonwealth carefully scrutinizes every dribble, every shot, every shot fake for that matter, and now without the star player, the eyes are glued to see how the Cats will respond.

After all, UK folded at Florida the rest of the way minus Noel.

But it's good for these young players according to Cal.

It'll prepare them for the pros, beyond and even more importantly...life.

Life in Lexington isn't like any other place.  There's nowhere to hide, even for Cal.

As beat writers and media are at every turn.

So who fishes with the coach?  Cal explains that line in the video.
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