Warford Relaxing Before NFL Draft

Warford Relaxing Before NFL Draft

Slapping the bass helps UK star settle nerves.
Former UK football standout Larry Warford is trying to settle his nerves before the NFL Draft.

The pride of Richmond never really thought the NFL was an option growing up, but now he's hearing he could be selected as high as the second round.

Warford's worked out for several teams individually following the NFL combine, but wouldn't name which ones.

He's nervous.  Tired from a process he never thought would be this exhausting, but knows it will pay off in the end.

As Warford still works to improve and get better, he's also just trying to block out the noise for now and keep his mind off the details until he's actually picked by a team.

Marking the first time a UK lineman has been drafted since 1993.

So what's Warford doing to keep calm?  Check out the video.

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