Warford Glad He's Not Noel

Warford Glad He's Not Noel

UK football star says going pro after one year isn't fair in football.
The days of going straight from high school to the league in hoops are gone, but of course still exist in baseball. 

Where you can head to the pros or spend three years in college.

Then there's football.

Where leaving high school for the NFL isn't really even a thought for most.  Teenagers in pads playing grown men getting paid to level one another doesn't sound like a good idea for those worried about the well being of human beings.

Take Larry Warford for example.  The UK star lineman wasn't even close to ready for the pros leaving Madison Central.  Many thought Warford shouldn't have even been at Kentucky.

But now he's a potential second round pick on Friday night after four collegiate seasons.

So what does Warford think about a high school to the league approach in football?  And would he consider it a good idea to implement such a system?

Good thing he's not Nerlens Noel based on his answer.

More in the video.

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