Goodwin Got Game?

Goodwin Got Game?

Cal weighs in on Archie's chances in pros.
Archie Goodwin didn't exactly have the best showing last week at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago.

Coach Cal said before last week's performance Goodwin's individual workouts for certain teams would be more important anyway.

With Archie being the youngest player in the draft, Cal thinks it's a great opportunity for a team who needs or wants a guy with the right attitude and work opportunity to snag a young prospect and mold him into what they need.

But is Goodwin too young?  Does he have the skill-set to begin with? 

Cal wouldn't get into the particulars and his opinion on Archie in the league, but did offer this as the NBA Draft Lottery is now roughly 24 hours away.

Check out the video for more of Cal's take on Goodwin's chances in the league.

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