Emotional Timmons Finds 'Right Fit'

Emotional Timmons Finds 'Right Fit'

In-state recruit staying home.
Deciding where to spend the next four years of your life can be difficult.
And with a gym full of people all wanting you to make the right choice, it can seem impossible.

Franklin County football standout Ryan Timmons was ready to make his college decision final today.

After a long, tough and emotional process of recruitment, Timmons felt he'd finally come to the right conclusion.  One that wasn't easy to get to, but not because he was afraid of making the wrong decision.

All of the hard work, determination and dedication it took to get there...to have the opportunity to sit in a gym full of people, all wanting him to make the right choice...had paid off.

The thank you's were particularly difficult to get out.

So many people supporting the future of one of their own.  Eventually, Timmons picked Kentucky and that seems to have everyone involved happy.  At least Solid Blue fans.

That today, the right fit for a Franklin County boy, was a blue and white UK cap...
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