Cal's Clothing Line

Cal's Clothing Line

UK head man dipping his toe into apparel.

John Calipari does it all.  He's in the frozen yogurt business, motivational speaking and book writing.  He's got his own website and is seemingly in two places at once. Want a celebrity call from Cal?  You can get it.

As if it wasn't enough, Cal's starting his own clothing line.  "Refuse to Lose" will feature clothing for both the athlete and average fan.

Symbols and designs will include "#RTL" and Coach Cal's signature.

"Everything we've made is geared towards comfort and breathability under high-performance use," Calipari tweeted.

The scollection, in blue, black and gray, consists collared and crew neck shirts for men and women. Moisture-wicking fabrics retail from $16.99 to $29.99, and proceeds from every sale benefit The Calipari Foundation.

"Everything we do, from online coaching drills to auctions and now this line, are geared towards generating funds to help our communities," Calipari tweeted.

You can see the line at Walmart, Kroger, the UK bookstore and Rupp Arena as well as online at

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