New Year's Eve Drink Recipes

New Year's Eve Drink Recipes

Korbel and LIttle Black Dress Vodka


1/4 oz. DeKuyper triple sec

Splash of cranberry juice

Put triple sec and cranberry juice in a champagne flute and top with KORBEL.



1 1/2 oz Little Black Dress® Classic Vodka
4oz of Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry Juice Drink

In a shaker filled with ice, add ingredients, roll to mix and pour into a martini glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.


Five Easy Steps to Open a Bottle of Champagne:

1. Chill the bottle for at least four hours in the refrigerator.

2. Remove the foil cap covering the top of the bottle, exposing a wire hood.

3. Undo wire hood with six half-turns of the knob.

4. Hold bottle at a 45º angle, with a towel in hand. Grasp the cork tightly and slowly twist the bottle with your other hand. (The big secret here is you twist the bottle, not the cork!)

5.  Ease cork off bottle letting off a small sigh while keeping the bottle at 45º angle for a moment (this lets the air in and helps keep the foam from overflowing the bottle).

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