With Draft Lottery Tonight...What Could've Been?

With Draft Lottery Tonight...What Could've Been?

Cal happy Alex Poythress decided to return for sophomore season and skip going pro when he could have.
With the NBA draft lottery tonight, we think about what could've been.

Alex Poythress could've gone pro after his freshman year.  A projected first round pick who may have slipped to round two.

But instead he's coming back...and that's okay with Coach Cal.

he knows it takes different amounts of time for each player to be ready for the pros.  Some guys can do it out of high school.  Others it takes all four years of eligibility at college or more.

And what's wrong with that says Calipari?  Why is it that only at Kentucky do you have to be a one-and-done in order to be a success?

And how excited is Cal to have a hard-working, right-mind Poythress back for a sophomore season?

All that and more in the video.

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