Walker Buchanan A Little Legend

Walker Buchanan A Little Legend

Son of Legends manager qualifies for MLB pitch, hit and run finals in New York.
The Lexington Legends are home for seven games and sit first in the South Atlantic League southern division.

But if you get to Whitaker Bank Ballpark a little too early for the game, it's not the Legends on the field for BP.

In the video, meet Walker Buchanan...manager Brian's son.

Brian and his wife Jill are both former athletes.  Brian played professional baseball for the Twins, Padres and Mets.  Jill a lacrosse player at the University of Virginia, and part of the Havlicek family tree.

So the oldest of four boys has pretty good genes...which definitely helped him reach the MLB's pitch, hit and run finals to be held in New York next Monday before the All-Star game.

Pitching, not the favorite for the kids these days though.  Hitting a baseball as far as you can, now that's fun.

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