UK Frame of Mind

UK Frame of Mind

Cats coming to grips with life being a dogfight.
The basketball Cats host South Carolina tonight at 9 o'clock with hopes of actually proving Vegas odds-makers right for a change.

Kentucky is favored by 17 over the Gamecocks in Lexington, but there's still the problem of putting teams away that could come into play at Rupp.

Coach Cal has to solve that problem before getting this season's team where it needs to be come March.

A problem a few guys are helping him with.

Nerlens Noel is definitely one of those. guys.  Kyle Wiltjer is another.  Wiltjer's improved play should be inspiring his peers according to Cal, but it's not easy to lose old, bad habits.

So Cal's still searching for the answer that will get this bunch to stop thinking the best things in life are free.  The answer to get this team to understand the things in life worth fighting for come at a cost.

Check out the attached video to hear from Cal.

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