Towles Tired of Hearing "No"

Towles Tired of Hearing "No"

The once heralded high star from Highlands is back in spotlight for Cats.
19-of-40, 233 yards and a touchdown.  That's Patrick Towles' collegiate stat line...and for Solid Blue fans the stat line of the new UK starting QB.

You may remember Towles' first career drive as a Cat under Joker Phillips two seasons ago.  A touchdown, the end result of that drive against Mississippi State.  Towles went 5-of-5 on the drive for 71 yards, including a 32-yard TD strike to La'rod King.

Now, Towles is back in action after a redshirt campaign in 2013...and he's the number one guy behind center, but how did he get here? 

How did the high school super star from Highlands turn back into the top Cat? And why did he even take the time to get better?

Hear from Towles in the video.

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