Thinking 'Outside The Box'

Thinking 'Outside The Box'

Cal and his staff are trying some new things to shake up the Cats.
Kentucky's lost 3 games this season.  That's one more game than all of last year.

And since the Cats are having trouble reaching their potential, 'Camp Cal' has been installed to their holiday break schedule.  Part of the new fun, some 'outside the box thinking' from the staff in practice.

“It’s all about everything inclusive including diet and calories and all the other stuff that; Look, I like to have experts talk. Someone says ‘Well, you don’t have all of the facts.’ Well what do you do? ‘Well, I’m a writer.’ Well what do you know about diet? How about this professional over here? ‘Well he doesn’t know all the facts.’ What? What do you know about eating? So, what I like to do, is before, I like to get all of the facts professionally done, so we know, here are numbers, these don’t lie. Here is what we’ve got. We’re not quite ready for that yet, but we will be.”

And as an example, Cal's got his guys running on treadmills together to push one another to reach higher heart rates...and higher level of play.

"One guy is going to say, ‘this is easy.’ The same heart rate on another guy, he’s going to say ‘I can’t believe this, this is torture.’ Well this guy doesn’t think he’s working at all, the other guy says, ‘it’s pretty hard.’ You’ve
got some guys whose heart rates are saying, you’re not going that hard. You think you are, but you’re not. There’s a lot of stuff we’re trying to do and it’s all, again we just need to carry over into the game."

Check out the video to hear more from Cal on his new line of thinking.
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