Talent Needs Coaching

Talent Needs Coaching

Guys coming back have talent. Guys coming in have talent. Now it's time to mesh and gel.
A ton of talent will be in Lexington next season, but much like years past, the catch will be getting that talent to mesh and gel.

Galvanize, the word Cal used for this year's group.

In his first year at Kentucky, Cal learned the power of a bad shooting night.

John Wall and company losing to West Virginia in the Elite 8 after being unable to buy a bucket.

Take the National Championship team, a group much like next year's team will be.

Some key returning stars and a fresh batch of all-star freshmen.

Each of one of those players needed and will need something different.

A task Cal and his staff plan on starting Monday.

Hear from Cal on getting his talent to mesh in the video.

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