Stoops Talks Attrition

Stoops Talks Attrition

New UK head coach has rules set. If you don't follow them, you're out.
Tt's easy for some and tough for others.

"A violation team rules" is often listed as the reason for a player leaving a program these days.

Here at Kentucky under Mark Stoops, attrition has begun.  It was to be expected.

As with any new regime, there will always be a few guys who leave because they don't fit.  Whether it's because of on-the-field talent, academics or elsewhere.

So far, 5 guys have been booted from UK since Stoops arrival.  6 others have chosen to leave and Ashely Lowery cited for DUI.

That leaves Stoops in a position to stand firm against guys who refuse to follow the rules set forth, or allow them to be broken.

The latter of which the blue-collar Coach says he won't allow.

More from Stoops in the video.

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