Stoops Scrambling His Days

Stoops Scrambling His Days

With Cats playing on Thursday, it's hard to keep everything straight.
It's a Friday for the football Cats on the schedule as Kentucky prepares for Mississippi State in primetime tomorrow night on ESPN.

It's thrown off not only us media folks a bit and shifted things up a few days, it's thrown off Mark Stoops as well.

This morning, SEC officials had to track down Stoops and pull him from a meeting for the weekly teleconference.  In which the majority of questions directed Stoops way were about FSU QB James Winston.

This all coming after yesterday's "Thursday" practice on Tuesday which has everybody thrown off by now.

But the one thing Stoops won't get fooled on, letting a surprise cat out of the bag about how much Jalen Whitlow will be used and if new uniforms are in the works for this season.

Hear from a good-spirited Stoops in the video.

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