Stacking Success

Stacking Success

UK head coach Mark Stoops needs his Cats to make good play after good play...and then make a great play.

It's officially football time in the Blue Grass with UK kicking things off this Saturday out at Commonwealth Stadium.

Some quick roster notes for you, no Alex Montgomery, no Jeff Badet at receiver due to injuries and no Rashad Cunningham at receiver due to a violation of team rules.  Offensive tackle Darrian Miller will sit as well for violating team policies.

Good news...Demarco Robinson has been cleared by head coach Mark Stoops to play.

And Robinson's a guy that can really bust it open with his play-making ability.

That's something the Cats need more of in 2014.  Stacking success.  Good play after good play, but also, some big ones as well.

More from Stoops in the video.
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